Data Center Rules Of Conduct

Netrepid expects all employees, clients, partners, visitors and third parties to adhere to the company’s rules of conduct when working in our data centers.

The following rules are compulsory and may carry future access restrictions if violated:

  • Every person entering the data center must be pre-approved, and everyone must confirm and log their access by using the biometrics system to gain entry.  Example: 3 people entering the data center equals 3 times that codes are entered, fingerprints are scanned, door is unlocked, opened, and then closed to permit the next. Any exceptions to this must be pre-arranged with Netrepid Staff.
  • Photography or video recording is strictly prohibited in the datacenter
  • Food, drinks and smoking or other forms of tobacco use are strictly prohibited within the data center
  • Cardboard and other forms of packaging must not be left inside data center, office halls or suites
  • All visitors must submit to a search if requested by a member of security or engineering staff
  • Any tools, such as drills, files, or soldering irons, that produce debris, dust, or smoke are not permitted
  • No flammable liquids are permitted in the datacenter
  • In shared rack locations, customers/suppliers will ensure they do not interfere with other equipment, and once work has been completed, the rack must be closed and locked.
  • When working inside the datacenter, customers and suppliers should ensure that the doors are closed to maintain the regulated atmosphere
  • No signs, placards, stickers or anything similar is to be placed on the outside of the racks, on any of the Datacenter support equipment or furniture, windows, walls, floors, ceilings, doors, etc.
  • Proper clothing, footwear, and personal protective equipment is required.  Footwear must cover the entire foot. i.e. No ‘Flip Flops’
  • If there are any concerns, contact a Netrepid Support, 717.730.0780 x 2 or email at