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  • Black Lives Matter
    The murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police is a horrible crime. The officers on the scene need to be held accountable. This type of brutality […]
  • Virtual Private Servers vs Local Servers
    VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, a solution that effectively bridges the gap between the limitations of shared hosting and the flexibility of […]
  • Modern Password Guidelines
    If i were to ask you what the best policy for passwords was, i imagine you would unanimously list the following: change every 90 days use letters […]
  • Microsoft will start charging for Windows 7 updates
    We all know that Windows 7 is nearing the end of extended support. But Microsoft announced that there will be a financial penalty for NOT upgrading […]
  • HIPAA and MACRA – What you need to know
    HIPAA and MACRA/MIPS 2018 – What you need to know As we move into the second half of the year, many practices and physicians are starting to consider […]